Join us Saturday, April 6, 4:00-6:00pm

“Pasture-Raised Chicken 5 Ways”

with Chef Miles Burnett

An incredible opportunity to learn from the finest, Chef Miles will demonstrate how to break down a whole chicken. Learn how to cut up, prep and create 5 different dishes, including White Truffle Chicken Grapefruit Risotto, Chicken Terrine, roasted chicken, chicken stock, and chicken salad. Discover fascinating food tips and some seriously cool knife skills.

Chef Miles Burnett is a UF graduate in Food and Resource Economics and has worked alongside some of Gainesville’s finest, including Cliff Nelson and Bert Gill. Miles is well-known for his unique culinary creativity and impressive resourcefulness with non-traditional ingredients. He was an Iron Chef competitor at the 2017 Taste of Greater Gainesville and is currently a private chef, enjoys fishing and lives in St. Augustine.

Eat the 80

Taste each amazing dish made from just one chicken! Join Chef Miles and our good Price Creek Farm friends, Scott and Kay Gove, providing pasture-raised chicken.

Join us Saturday, April 6, 4:00-6:00pm, for this delicious chicken expo at Saporito! $30/person. Limited Space. Reservation required. Register HERE.

Join Chef Miles and Price Creek Farm for “Pasture-Raised Chicken 5 Ways at Saporito”, a cooking expo featuring several tasty dishes using one whole chicken.

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