This Balsamic Yogurt recipe is really TOO simple to include here but far too tasty to leave out. Very popular in our household. Fun to play with different balsamic flavors.

Supermarket yogurt is almost always over-sweetened. Our family enjoys plain yogurt that we can sweeten naturally with balsamic vinegar and fresh fruit.


  • 15 ounces plain yogurt (we recommend whole fat or Greek)
  • handful fresh raspberries, or your choice fruit
  • 1-2 Tablespoons Saporito Cascadian Wild Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar (sweeten to taste)


  1. Add 2 Tablespoons of balsamic vinegar to 15 ounces of plain yogurt. Mix well.
  2. Add fresh fruit and garnish as you wish.

NOTE: This simple breakfast or snack is also amazing topped with Homemade Granola, any fresh or dried fruit, nuts, seeds and more. Turn it into Balsamic Muesli or serve it as dessert.

balsamic vinegar plain Greek whole fat yogurt raspberries

Make Balsamic Yogurt with plain yogurt, naturally sweetened with fresh fruit and Saporito Cascadian Wild Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar. Easy and delicious, right out of your breakfast bowl, as a pleasant dip with fruit or veggie slices and also good on a bagel.

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